Video: Rwanda Innovation Map Launch


Root Change has been collaborating with Segal Family Foundation (SFF) Rwanda to support its work with the Social Impact Incubator (SII) since 2020. We’re working together to understand and strengthen the Rwanda innovation ecosystem, improve SFF’s relationships with the entrepreneurs it supports, and adapt and improve SII’s program offering using feedback loops and network mapping. During this virtual event in March 2021, SFF Rwanda introduced its next cohort of SII Champions and launched the Rwanda Innovation Map on Pando.

Watch the session recording to:

  • Learn more about the types of entrepreneurs that SFF and Root Change are supporting through this work;
  • See how Root Change introduces the Rwanda Innovation Map to the SII Rwanda community and how Pando works; and
  • Hear from Maria Mhandire, the SII Senior Advisor in Malawi about SFF Malawi’s experience using a similar network map.