Pando Equity Mock Report

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The Pando Equity Report is part of our Pando tool suite and draws from social network analysis (SNA) and feedback data to help users learn more about equity and local ownership in the systems where they are working. Analytics included in this report are based on our Pando Local Learning System (LLS) White Paper that we co-wrote with our partner Keystone Accountability under USAID Local Works. The summary page of the equity report gives an overall equity score based on four key measures of local ownership: leadership, connectivity, mutuality, and finance. On subsequent tabs, users can explore network and feedback sub-metrics that were used to calculate each of the four measures.

To showcase our Equity Report, we’ve included below an example with mock (fake) data. To view the report, first download the file, unzip it, and then open the index.html file in an Internet browser. If you’re having trouble, try right clicking the index file and going to “Open with…”