Pando Network Foundations Mock Report

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The Pando Network Foundations Report is part of our Pando tool suite and draws from social network analysis (SNA) and feedback data to help users learn more about key actors in the systems where they are working. It includes network analysis of four key actor roles: resource hubs, active networkers, influencers and brokers. On subsequent tabs, users can explore key actors by collaboration areas (sub-networks), review feedback data and text responses by question, or scroll through a directory of contacts. The report can be easily adjusted for user needs, or translated into another language.

To showcase our Network Foundations report, we’ve included below an example with mock (fake) data. To view the report, first download the file, unzip it, and then open the index.html file in an Internet browser. If you’re having trouble, try right clicking the index file and going to “Open with…”