Spreading Smiles: Tizidalile CII Group Heartwarming Mission

Myson JamboDevelopment Revolution, Reimagining Projects

Since June 2023, Root Change has been supporting the Community Independence Initiative (CII) in Zomba, Malawi with 50 families. At the heart of this peer-driven change model lies a profound emphasis on community talents, strengths, and resourcefulness. Today, we’re thrilled to share a heartwarming story unfolding in T/A Chikowi at Ulumba Primary School, which truly emphasizes the effects that peer-to-peer support can have. The Tizidalile CII Family group, one of the four groups in this initiative, is dedicated to spreading love and kindness as a way of giving back to the community. Well, they’ve been up to something truly amazing lately, and we couldn’t wait to spill the beans.

Ulumba Primary School is a big primary school with over 1000 students. These students are filled with dreams and hopes for the future, but unfortunately, not all of them have access to a hearty meal every day. That’s where the Tizidalile CII Family group steps in! Every month, this incredible group pools their resources together to make a difference in the lives of these students. They mainly focus on students in junior classes since they are the most vulnerable.

Each month, when they receive their CII monthly stipend, they collect funds from each of the group’s families—no amount is too small because every penny counts. Once they’ve gathered enough funds, they head straight to the local market to buy maize. You might be curious as to why maize is their primary choice. Well, in Malawi, maize is a staple food and is ideal for making nutritious maize flour porridge.

Once the maize is made into maize flour, it’s time for the most magical part: cooking porridge and distributing it to the students at Ulumba Primary School. The excitement is palpable as students line up, their eyes alight with anticipation. Over 100 students receive a portion of porridge to eat.

The impact of the Tizidalile CII Family’s generosity is truly immeasurable. Not only are they ensuring that these junior students have access to nutritious food, but they’re also spreading love, joy, and a sense of community. And that, my friends, is what peer-driven change is all about—coming together to make the world a brighter, happier place for everyone.