Aaron Leonard

Business Director and Senior Governance Advisor

Aaron supports Root Change on several fronts. He identifies new opportunities for testing and scaling Root Change’s ideas and approaches; he helps design and implement work involving inclusive governance, social accountability, and the strengthening of civic space; and he serves on Root Change’s Board of Directors. Aaron is the founder and CEO of Context Matters – a European consulting firm which supports fragile, and conflict affected states along with those battling the burgeoning threat of authoritarianism. During Myanmar’s brief period of democratic rule, Aaron designed and led some of the country’s largest local governance and civil society programs impacting millions across the country’s heartland and contested border areas. As a member of the World Bank, Aaron promoted South-South cooperation and global competitions as part of an effort to make development more relevant and constituent led. And in previous professional lives, he taught students in multiple countries, campaigned for clean water, mobilized voters and developed online educational curriculum. After work, Aaron enjoys exploring mountains, lakes, and food with his family and friends. He makes his home in the Netherlands.