Tara Rao

Board Member

In the early 90’s when working as an architect in Nepal on a community led school design project, Tara first knew she wanted to engage with social justice issues. In the last 30 years she has been employing her design skills, shaping strategies and action in the areas of development, environment and human rights, working with non-governmental groups such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and the World Wildlife Fund as well as bilateral and multi-lateral organizations in Asia and beyond. Her work has taken her to Vietnam, Bhutan, Nepal, Denmark, and the UK. Tara enjoys designing for collaborative change and combining complexity, design thinking, and systems thinking with action research. Recently she set up Our Groundworks, a design thinking entity that embraces complex challenges and works on RINGO – Re-imagining the INGO – a systems change lab and Complexity University’s Gigatonne Challenge – a global bottom up climate action strategy. Tara lives in Bangalore. She loves travel, music and tennis, and simply can’t do without humor and laughter.